GORDA-It's a Community. It's a Lifestyle

A Texas Coastal Culture.

It's a feeling you get when you visit. It is the salty breeze in your hair and the friendly folks saying HOWDY!

Matagorda Outfitters was built around providing a one of a kind retail experience in a small coastal town. What we quickly came to realize that Matagorda Outfitters is but a small piece of a larger experience of Matagorda for every visitor. Our shop was overwhelmed with support and love from locals and tourists alike and we soon realized what a strong community we had chosen to become a staple in. One thing became extremely apparent form the beginning…people love Matagorda.

It’s a community. It’s a Lifestyle. Daily we would hear guest come in and say “Gorda is my escape”, “Gorda is my home”, “Gorda is our favorite vacation spot”. We wanted to embrace this passion for a small quiet, coastal town…and thus the GORDA line was born from Matagorda Outfitters.

Behind the brand

Our GORDA line started with a simple principle, provide apparel that our community can identify with and represent where our shop calls home. The GORDA Patch hat was born in Spring 2019. We sold out of 144 hats in our first week of release. We didn’t expect the demand and support for the GORDA concept and quickly expanded our product offering. Today Matagorda Outfitters offers patch hats, performance shirts, Tank Tops, Stickers, Boat Flags, Standard Flags, Koozies, and the now famous Neon LED signs. We will continue to expand the GORDA line and are blessed to have become a part of this community and a piece of your GORDA experience.

GORDA Neon Sign and Apparel

Our GORDA Neon Signs are the hot ticket for your house, bar, beach house or bay house.You can only get them here! We have everything GORDA you could need from hats to shirts to koozies to signs. For any season, any person located anywhere.